Alfresco Dining

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Now that my own patio is almost complete and I have opted for not replacing our dining table, I still feel that I need to spend some time and attention on alfresco dining in the great outdoors.

Outdoor dining furniture is essential for people who enjoy entertaining guests for casual meals and garden parties during the summertime. When you invest in a well-made outdoor table and complimentary chairs, you can create an elegant patio space while providing yourself and others with a comfortable area to eat and relax . This guide to the latest trends in outdoor dining furniture can guide you in choosing pieces that are stylish, modern and suited to your (2)

With their classic look and high degree of functionality, the latest designs in outdoor dining furniture are not only on trend for the upcoming summer season, but will also remain fashionable in the years ahead. You can easily update your outdoor tables and chairs by shopping at online or on-site furniture stores and selecting the designs that appeal to your tastes and complement your home decor. Be sure to store your outdoor furniture properly during off-seasons so that its quality and appearance are not compromised by inclement weather.
When purchasing new outdoor dining furniture, you can benefit greatly from choosing pieces that are crafted from sturdy, functional and practical materials. Metal materials such as wrought iron and cast aluminum are ideal for chairs and table bases. Vinyl-and-resin wicker, with its chip-resistant properties, is a much more appealing option than the easily damaged natural wicker of years past. You may also wish to consider sling fabric chairs, which are lightweight and capable of drying rapidly. With regard to table surfaces, opt for stone, glass or concrete designs with mosaic, speckled or distressed (1)

Also as I have been mentioning to my clients that I am currently working with, I always remind them to use the space to fit their lifestyle. So for me this year it meant couches and lounge type furniture but my new client has dinner outside every night in the summer so we are purchasing a large cedar table and chairs and creating an outdoor kitchen and even an exterior wine fridge for the wine tastings that they love to do…

So really it is about tailoring the outdoor project ┬áto your own specific needs and requirements and achieving a look that is cohesive with the look and feel of your interior space…

Good luck with the planning…



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