Outdoor Sectionals

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I’ve got to say I love sectional sofas. So when I had the opportunity this year to make some changes to my own back deck, I just couldn’t resist the idea of designing the space for the way we like to live…guess that’s why I have used for my company logo the tagline “design for living” because it really is that simple. Design a space that best suits your needs and personality. So that’s exactly what I set our to do. My husband is a chef and loves to entertain so what a better way than to eliminate the formality of a dining table and create entertaining, relaxing and reading spaces. He says the plan that I put together this year is brilliant and I would have to agree. Because sectional sofas when configured correctly are a wonderful spot to rest and relax, and for his 6ft 2 inch frame a great place to really stretch out! Piling together on a sectional sofa encourages playfulness and interaction with your guests as well and is great for tapas food on those steamy summer nights.

The pieces making up a sectional are typically an armless chair, a corner chair, a left/right arm chair, armless sofa, and left/right arm sofa.  An ottoman and a chaise are often included in the mix.  With this variety of pieces, it is possible to create all kinds of configurations.

Many sectionals are configured to create a right angle, but others continue through another corner, to create a U shape.  Placing a large ottoman in the middle is great for multiple uses. You can use it as a coffee table or as extra seating. Add a sheet of glass and it can be a great games area. Let the games begin!  And what better place to play a game than while seated on a never ending sectional sofa?

For outdoor living, sectionals are found in a variety of materials:  metal, wood, and all-weather wicker are some of the most popular.  I like to keep the fabric simple on sectionals and add lots of throw pillows for my accent patterns and colour. It is also so great to change the look anytime you feel like it and every year can take on a whole new colour trend. This year I am into upswing fuchsia as my pop of colour

If you really want a patterned fabric, be mindful of how it will look on so many pieces.  In addition, consider how the pattern will look as it changes direction from one side to the other through the corner piece.  Stripes and geometrics can be a problem in these situations.

I love the idea of a sectional in a small area that can’t accommodate an entire sofa grouping. Lining the sectional around the perimeter of the space creates uniformity and an almost built-in look that helps keep the center space open.  By placing the furniture this way in a small area it really gives that cozy living room feel in the outdoors.

And when used  in a large area, a sectional can help take up space and create a focal point that is often needed when numerous areas create distractions.  The area that the sectional occupies becomes the anchor and holds the attention before focusing on other areas.

So there you have it; with all the great new outdoor furniture and fabric selections available the sky really is the limit.

So enjoy! And remember “Design for Living” it really makes perfect sense.



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