Backyard Makeover


An outdoor patio can be a relaxing addition or socializing mecca or both. Depending on the intended use for the patio, its d├ęcor should give off the desired vibes to truly transform the space from boring and uninviting to fabulous and functional. There are many features that can be used to decorate an outdoor patio to liven up the area, create a place for relaxation or be the talk of the neighborhood during the next barbecue.

Many of us take pride in our homes, investing countless hours remodelling and rearranging the interior. But it can also be refreshing to step out of the confines of the inside and spend some time outside. It’s especially enjoyable during the spring, summer and fall months. When the weather is favorable, it’s difficult to miss out on a nice day

But spending time outside doesn’t mean you have to forfeit your creature comforts. With a few small adjustments you can make your outdoor space comfortable and inviting. Turning a yard, patio, porch or other outdoor area into a functional living space can be a rewarding task, and will expand your living space to the outdoors. With the right setup, you can spend more time in the sunshine and fresh air, and host events al fresco for family and friends

Remember earth tones might look nice in your living room, but in the outdoors they’ll shrink and blend in with the surroundings. And although black tends to be chic and stylish inside the home, black furniture will become very hot in direct sunlight. To complement the greens and browns of the outdoors, you can add a splash of whimsy by choosing bold, brightly colored accessories. For a touch of excitement, you might consider swapping out those faded cushions on your outdoor furniture for bold and colorful ones. Bright blue, red and yellow Adirondack chairs or a pink picnic table might not sound like everyone’s cup of tea — and indeed those colors might be a bit overwhelming inside the home — but outside they’ll add an element of playfulness and fun. Some other options for colorful accessories could include a brightly patterned hammock or coloured glass lanterns.


So now that I have the basics down, I have chosen to do my backyard makeover starting with the deck finish. I have decided to go with dark hues. The floor will be Oxford Brown one of the many solid hide stains available and I have decided to do all the cedar fencing and lattice with Wrought Iron another fabulous colour by Benjamin Moore. I know it sounds dark but it is exactly the living room feel I want to have for showcasing art and minimal decor pieces. download-6The dark brown sectional I have chosen will have pops of colour and the functionality will be spectacular for my husband Rob and I to cozy up on. It will also be great with the day bed with awning that I purchased last year. Add in some area carpets from Korhani and a propane fire pit and we are almost all set.

More to come folks about my choices and the finished project in the weeks ahead. Now to its time to get sanding….



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