Let the Patio Season Begin

When warm weather arrives, many of us are anxious to get outdoors and enjoy it. If you are among those warm weather lovers, designing your outdoor patio may be on the top of your to-do list this season. I know it is on the top of mine. Here are two very important things to consider when designing your outdoor patio:


Which way does your patio face? This is important when considering which areas to add shading elements. In addition, you may already have many trees and need to consider removing limbs or whole trees to receive the right amount of sunlight on your patio.


What do you intend to use the patio for? Will you be hosting large parties or simply lounging in a chair to read in the morning? This is important because parties require certain features such as grills and fire pits that a small patio does not. It may also determine the materials you use. If you do not plan on having guests, a simple, white, concrete slab may be all you need. If you plan on entertaining, you may want to add some flare with paver stones or stamped and colored concrete.

Outdoor Furniture

Consider a sectional with colourful cushions for a casual and inviting outdoor living space. Corner seating provides more space for entertaining, and the bright fabrics make it seem more like an indoor space. Strealined monochromatic furniture defines the seating area in any outdoor living space, and sleek, faux-rattan pieces can create a modern and inviting exterior lounge.


So that is exactly what I am doing this summer. I have decided to give our outdoor dining table to my sister this year. We just don’t sit at it enough for formal dinners. I instead want to have outdoor seating areas that define the space and allow us to live the way we love to (casual and comfortable). Life for us is about talking, reading, and entertaining. So again it all comes down to ” Design for Living”.

We think we will enjoy more tapas style food, that of course my chef husband Rob (more about him in later blog posts) will cook and have lots of cocktail parties where sitting on comfy sofas fits the bill. So I am on my way to shop for new items as we speak and look forward to showing you the space as it evolves. The colour scheme this year will be lots of beiges, creams, and greens with pops of red and turquoise. I also am calling my painter right now to start sanding for the new application of solid hide stain. I want to do really dark hues to make it sexy and inviting ..so lots on the go.

I look forward to sharing my updates…and I hope I inspire.





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