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So this blog is pretty appropriate from a spring cleaning and editing standpoint even for me.. I am doing it in my own home and there is such a freedom in it. I also have to practice what I preach, which is a very good lesson for me. So here are a few tips and tricks for doing things on the economical side to say the least.

So if you’re long on desire to make your home look better but short on money, don’t despair. Here I share some cash-free tips for sprucing up your home this spring.

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Everything in your home will look better if there’s less of it. Edit, edit and edit some more. Everyone says it, but how do you do it? Take a garbage bag or box and put everything in it cluttering the surfaces of your space. Be ruthless! Put the bag or box in your basement. If you can’t remember what’s in the box a month later, toss it.


Play art gallery curator. Most people move into a new home, hang their paintings and never touch them again. Choose a section of wall or even a corner. Take down some of the art from other rooms and hang them in a grouping. Rethink some of your favourite objects. Can they be hung? If so, add them to the wall in between the paintings. Print some of your favourite photos, frame them and add them to the mix. Voila! You now have a French salon.


Books are linear objects begging to be styled in a new and interesting way. Group all of your books according to size and colour. Then take one section per shelf and lay down several books horizontally. Place a special object of the same colour on top of the pile. The result is an eye-pleasing design and a way to use the knick-knacks that pile up on your dining room table.


A room isn’t a puzzle. There’s more than one way to arrange all of its pieces. Rethink your space. Take an hour and move your furniture around. Swap items in your living room with ones from your dining room. It will feel like you have just moved into your home.

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Sweep, dust and scrub your space. Spring’s bright sunlight reveals dirt that has collected in your home during the winter months. Objects in your home will look better if they’re clean. The air will feel and smell fresh and your space will shine.

And last but not least remember when you are editing and getting rid of things. It is so beneficial to look at the charities in your area that could benefit the most.
And remember have some fun with the tedium, it is all worth it in the end.

Happy Spring Cleaning…



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