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Well I am back from having the best summer I can remember! And I have picked up so much along the way…being grateful for such an amazing life is certainly number 1 on my list. I have been on some wonderful trips to really get my juices flowing when it comes to my interior design business. My husband Rob, the chef ( I like to refer to him a lot and will more in my upcoming blogs) have been to some incredible parts of this great country.

First stop was the Charlevoix region in Quebec, 2nd the farmland in Oxford County nestled in South Western Ontario, and most recently the gorgeous Anne’s Land in Prince Edward Island. Talk about getting inspired.
Moving forward in my blog posts I want to become a bit more personal with my readers and not so “teachy” in my design approach.

I want us to get to know each other better and you can then get a sense of my “true style.” In this post I did want to determine with you what I was forecasting for some interior design trends for 2013-2014. So here we go..


As we already have figured, there is a countless number of interior design trends for fall 2013 and going into 2014 you can introduce them into your home décor including hot pink and yellow colours and hand-made elements. Even if you are nowhere near trendy things, take into consideration that even the boldest designs are being based on classical styles. Simply, keep it simple, which is a key to a classy and elegant interior. Even if you want to introduce trendy elements into your home décor, try to utilize them the way that can be changed with ease. Let’s take a look at a roundup:


For those who like things a little more black and white, classic monochrome styling is here to stay; at least for the next season anyway. They’ve always gone together, but will they ever go out of fashion, right… not for a quite some time anyway.

Raw materials

Wood and stone are really being showcased in their natural stripped down state, really showcasing the beauty of the material in its natural form. Sticks, branches, and even wood stumps are set to be brought into the home, while crystals and gems ere finding their way indoors too.



To really make a statement in your home opt for gold finishes on your furniture. It’s a little opulent, but a bang on trend for the new season.
Metals such as brass give a shiny surface making it an important element in your interior design as well. Use decorative pieces of these shiny metals in your home as candle holders, bowls, vases, lamps etc. These will give your home more shiny appearance and add warm glow to your space. Think “Great Gasby”.

High Gloss

We are seeing a lot of lacquer finishing in furniture pieces as well as on interior walls and doors. A real return to 80’s glam with shine in decor.

Man Caves

Can’t seem to get rid of this trend..and why not, lets keep them happy shall we? We are seeing a lot of leather and suede and a return to a sexy “James Bond” feel. Also the metals and high gloss work really well with this trend.

Pops of Colour

I use fuchsia as a statement in a lot of my designs. I love the way it looks with a very clean monochromatic space. I’m all for this trend!

White on White

Again we are seeing this trend a lot . Believe it or not there are so many fabulous whites to chose from and it is such a fresh amazing look. If I was purchasing a new home or cottage right now it i would be the first thing I would do…painting it out that is with a great white.

And also we all know how much of a hit shabby chic styling has been in the last year or so; well upcycled furniture plays on that style, but with a new modern twist. Rather than keeping furniture looking old and vintage, upcycling gives it a new lease of life. Think classic wooden sideboards painted with a whole host of bright colours, vivid pink dining room chairs; that kind of thing. We are in love with it.

And I personally can’t say enough about our return to a more modern ’80s approach to design. Trust me I didn’t like it then but I absolutely love it now. You can feel it in the music we are listening to and the fashions on the runway. I have friends and family with a lot of teenagers and when I see them wearing almost the exact thing I was wearing I find it fantastic…everything has a more edgy sophistication now however. And it is certainly coming through in our interiors.

Now on to planning my next trip for inspiration…lol

See you soon,




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