Color Story

I am excited to say that I have become a guest blogger for one of my favourite digital and print magazines, Canadian Home Trends. I am actually more than excited I am honoured. I recently wrote this blog piece on colour and some of my favs and I would like to share it again with you now….

Despite the fact that gray is not my favourite kind of day, I love working with the amazing variety of shades of gray available.
I love any version of that magical combination of black and white. From dark, edgy charcoals to soft, washed out gray whites, the spectrum of gray runs the gamut. Add a hint to colour to the mix and I am sold. It works with almost every decorating style. Gray is Cinderella to beige’s ugly stepsister with its timeless elegance and sophisticated feel.

Fuchsia. Orange. Teal. Purple. Whatever bright colour happens to be the trend of the season, it will always pop beautifully against the foolproof, flattering canvas that gray provides.

The specific colour scheme of your home will alter the effects of the gray you choose. For example, a pastel palette with a retro feel works well with a dusty gray while a monochromatic room with granite gray wall paint would anchor a modern industrial space.

photo1My favourite shade right now is Benjamin Moore Classic Gray OC 23. It’s a classic suit, tie and white shirt kind of a look. It never goes out of style. It’s worth never depreciates.

For a calming bedroom, my go-to gray is Benjamin Moore’s Coventry, which pairs beautifully with Decorators White for a crisp trim.

When it comes to my particular brand of design, I love adding pops of fuchsia to a room. It adds a bit of whimsy and makes a great statement in a soothing gray space.

Fuchsia: A blend of deep pink and blue, fuchsia inspires confidence and adds personality when placed against a quiet, strong backdrop of gray.

Photography by Stephani Buchman



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