Design for Living

So here I am in the most incredible place in my life and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and inspiration with you in my blog posts for Kim Bartley Design. After working with and for other people my entire life I decided this year to create Kim Bartley Design…finally my own company.
It really is a dream come true and I hope to inspire others with my work.

After creating and working on an online venture in 2012, I determined my clients wanted more personalized and attentive service and that there values and visions were in line with my own core ideals. Creating a home that was an inspiration for their lifestyle. To produce a wonderful space in an environment that is inspirational to their well being. By tailoring the projects to the specific needs of the client and allowing to work within a budget that allows them to finally get the space that they truly desire. A perfect combination of “life styling”. What could be more fitting in our hectic lives? The end result of the project is producing not only a beautiful more efficient space but a rejuvenation of the spirit. Perfect life balancing!

I hope to be an inspiration to my clients and be able to share this in a forum where I motivate people to strive to live their best life.

I also hope that my creative edge to design will be something that inspires as well as my insight into great customer service. After being in the hospitality industry for 20 years before following my ” design passion” my focus has always been on attention to detail and customer service. And to be quite honest I want to treat every client in a manner that personifies who I am…

So I hope you join me on this ride. It know it will be an exciting one I can guarantee that!




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